Beneficiation Equipment

Title: Flotation Machine
Flotation machine driven by the motor V-belt drive wheel rotates, centrifugal vacuum formed, on the one hand inhalation of sufficient air is mixed with the slurry, while stirring the pulp is mixed with drugs, while refinement of foam, mineral adhesive foam on top to make, float to the surface and then form slurry bubble mineralization. Ram height adjustment, control surface, so that bubble is a useful scraper scraped off.
After thorough mixing slime and potions to the bottom groove of the first chamber flotation machine impeller rotation, a negative pressure in the wheel cavity, making the slurry tank bottom and slot, respectively, by the impeller breathe into the mouth and on mixed zone, but also makes the air along the guide sleeve into the mixing zone of gas, pulp, mixed air and agents here.
In the impeller centrifugal force, the pulp mixture into the mineralized zone, the formation of air bubbles and was crushed, and full access to coal particles, formation of mineralized bubbles and turbulence in the stator plate under the action of uniformly distributed in the tank section, and move up into the separation zone, enriched to form a foam layer is discharged from the bubble scraping mechanism, the formation of coal bubble.
Sorting swivel rotates slowly, when the sorting room into a floating field area, this time selected by the pulp material, respectively, to the distributor to 6 sorting point, weakly magnetic mineral particles being sucked in with the tooth plate and sorting ring is rotated. Non-magnetic mineral particles in the slurry flow under gravity through a gap tooth plate, into the lower portion of the tailings sorting ring groove. Go to the sorting room when the cleaning position in the mine, a small amount of washing water is fed into the entrained gangue, with the living body wash and slime tailings slot (slot machine is not set in the mine), so as to improve the quality of concentrate the goal of. When the sorting room to weak magnetic field position (concentrate rinse area), pressurized water is injected into the suction plate teeth weakly magnetic mineral particles into the concentrate tank. Then the sorting room to another area of ​​the magnetic field of opposite polarity, sorting each revolution of the ring, wherein each separation chamber so repeated six times.
Flotation machine is mainly used for sorting copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other metals, it can also be used for ferrous and non-metallic roughing and selected.
Mineralization above the bottom of the coal particles will not the mouthpiece again mixed, mineralization and separation through the loop holes and on. Not part of the slurry tank beneath Impeller by buried mines in the pulp in the box into the bottom groove of the second chamber, the first chamber after the completion of the whole process, the third room, flotation machine again and again, the pulp through the last after entering a room final tailings discharged tailings box. It is an important apparatus for dressing production line indispensable.

Technical Parameter:

Model SF0.37 SF0.7 SF1.2 SF2.8 SF4
Cell Cubage (m3) 0.37 0.7 1.2 2.8 4
Impeller Diameter (mm) 300 350 450 550 650
Capacity (t/h) 0.2-0.4 0.3-0.9 0.6-1.2 1.5-3.5 0.5-4
Impeller Rotation Speed (r/min) 352 400 312 268 238
Motor Model Rotor Y90L-4 Y132S-6 Y13M-6 Y180L-8 Y200L-8
Scraper Blade Y80L-4 Y90L-6 Y90L-6 Y100L-6 Y100L-6
Power (kw) 1.5 3 5.5 11 15
1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.5
Single Cell Weight (kg) 445 600 1240 2242 2660
Overall Dimension (mm) 700×700×750 900×1100×950 1100×1100×1100 1700×1600×1150 1700×1600×1150