Grinding Mill

Title: Raymond Mill
Working principle
Raymond roller mill works under the centrifugal force on a tightly rolled grinding ring by the shovel blade materials to roll grinding and grinding ring middle, crushed into powder materials under pressure grinding action, then under the action of the fan to blow up into a powder materials through the analysis machine to achieve the required fineness of materials by analyzing the machine, who fail to return to the grinding chamber continue grinding machine into the cyclone through the analysis of the material collected by separation. Industrial fabric isolation using exhaust ventilation into a powder. Raymond Scope machine is mainly used barite, calcite, potash feldspar, limestone, talc, white stone, plaster and the like. Mohs hardness of not greater than 9.3, a high fine powder generation and processing humidity below 6% of non-flammable mineral products, chemicals, building materials and so on hundreds of materials, product size in the range 40 ... 400 mesh of arbitrary regulation . This series of products for different materials, different fineness and different production requirements, divided into high-pressure micro-grinding, extreme pressure suspension mill, Raymond mill ordinary three series of a dozen models.

Raymond Accessories
Raymond entire structure by the host, analysis machine (separator), plumbing fixtures, blower, finished cyclone, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric motors and other components. Raymond wherein the host from the rack, inlet volute, blade, roller, grinding ring, casing and motor.
Raymond entire working process (material grinding process): a large block of material by jaw crusher to the desired particle size, the material will be sent by the hoist storage hopper, and then send continuously through quantitative feeder evenly the host mill indoor grinding, grinding the powder after being taken away by the fan air flow. The analysis machine grading, conform with the powder fineness flows through pipes into a large cyclone collector, separated collection, and then the powder discharge pipe is finished powder. Airflow by a large cyclone collector and then the upper end of the return duct suction blower. The whole machine is closed loop gas flow system, and is in a state of negative pressure circulating.
When heat is generated by the grinding room was grinding material have a certain moisture content, resulting in grinding mill indoor gas evaporation change air flow, as well as the whole of each pipe connection is not tight so that the outside air is sucked, so that air circulation flow increases, leading to mill flour machine even less blasting machine, which, the new European version of the mill has been provided with a ladder-proof measures in the upper body, you can maximize avoid Raymond machine blasting machine incidental or consequential damages, at the same time, this case I can also adjust the fan duct between the host and to balance airflow and excess gas is introduced into the small cyclone collector, the residual gas into the fine powder collected down, and finally by a small cyclone collector the upper section of the exhaust pipe into the atmosphere, or introduced into the dust collector makes emptying gas purification, however, the operator of the relatively high technical requirements, and the need to detect and adjust.

1. Raymond three-dimensional structure, small footprint, complete and strong, expect the finished powder independent self-contained production system from the block.
2. refined powder fineness of uniform through screening rate of 99%, which is difficult to have other milling equipment.
3. the host mill adopts airtight gearing and pulley gear box, transmission smooth, reliable operation.
4. Raymond important components are used quality steel, wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials, machine wear, reliable operation.
5. the electrical system with centralized control, milling plant can achieve the basic unmanned operation, and easy maintenance.
1. Raymond Mill in the use of the process, there should be a fixed charge of personnel, the operator must have a certain level of technology. Before installation of the mill operator must carry out the necessary technical training to enable them to know the principles of mill performance, familiar with the procedures.
2. for the Raymond mill normal, should develop equipment "equipment maintenance safe operation of the system" can ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, at the same time have the necessary repair tools and grease and the corresponding accessories.
3. Raymond Mill machine used for a period of time, maintenance should be carried, while roller grinding ring blade overhaul replacement of wearing parts such as processing, grinding roller device before and after use of the connecting bolt nut should be carefully examined to see whether there is loosening, whether to add a little grease.
4. roller device use time more than 500 hours or so to replace the roller, the roller of each rolling bearing kit must be cleaned, damaged parts should be replaced, fuel pumps and hand tools available grease gun.
5. the bearings are using a No. 1 MOS2 grease or sodium bitter ZN-2 grease lubricated
6. The roller bearing grease once every shift, every host center bearing 4 classes plus one, plus one for each month the blower bearings. Bearing temperature rise may not exceed 70 ℃, it found bearing from overheating, breaking cleaning bearings and bearing accessories such as room cleaning.

Technical Parameter:

Type Roll Grinding
Feed Size
Output Size
Capacity Motor Power
Blower Power
Classifier Machine Power(kw) Overall
3R1510 3 10 0.19-0.038 0.3-1.2 7.5 5.5 1.1 3200×2100×4500
3R2115 3 20 0.19-0.038 0.4-1.6 15 11 2.2 4100×3300×4500
3R2615 3 20 0.19-0.038 0.5-2.7 18.5 15 2.2 4300×3500×5100
3R2715 3 20 0.19-0.038 0.7-3 22 18.5 2.2 5300×4100×5200
4R3016 4 20 0.19-0.038 0.8-5 30 30 2.2 5300×4100×5200
4R3015 4 25 0.19-0.038 1.0-4 30 22 2.2 5500×4300×5400
4R3216 4 25 0.19-0.038 1.0-8 45 30 5.5 7100×5900×7900
4R3220 4 28 0.19-0.038 1-10 45 37 5.5 8000×6000×9500
5R4119 5 30 0.19-0.038 5-10 75 75 7.5 9200×7250×9700
6R4427 6 35 0.19-0.038 9-15 132 132 11 12550×5700×8355