Stone Crusher

Title: CS Series Cone Crusher
Working principle
In the course of the cone crusher, the motor driven by the eccentric rotation of the actuator, the movable cone rotation swing do the forced movement of the eccentric sleeve, the moving cone section near the cone of silence becomes the crushing chamber, the material by the dynamic cone and the cone of silence broken repeatedly squeezing and impact. When moving away from the cone zone, where the crushed material to the desired particle size under its own gravity fall, discharged from the conical bottom.
Cone crusher in case of no-load operation, moving cone rotation by a spherical bearing to dynamic cone friction torque and friction values ​​for the eccentric sleeve moving cone of decisions, which torque, the torque dynamic cone that is so direction. Under normal circumstances are moving cone along the direction of rotation of the eccentric sleeve rotation, rotation speed is determined by the difference between the two moments. And this type of cone crusher cone in spherical bearings and movable between the lower bushing to control the rotation of the moving cone. In the case of a load operation, the stone for moving cone cone friction torque far exceeds the friction torque on the eccentric sleeve moving cone generated.
Technical advantages
1. crushing ratio, high production efficiency
- The higher speed and stroke combine to make SMH crusher rated power and capacity greatly increased, improving the crushing ratio and production efficiency. The hydraulic cone crusher broken stroke, crushing speed and crushing chamber shape the perfect combination of design.
2. wearing parts consumption, low running costs
- Reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technical data, reliable operation, low operating cost; all parts of the crusher have wear protection, will reduce maintenance costs to a minimum, the general life can be increased by more than 30%.
3. broken pyramid, excellent finished grain shape
- By using a special crushing chamber intergranular laminating principles of design and matching speed, replace the traditional single particle crushing principle, to achieve selective crushing of materials, significantly increased the proportion of fine material and product content cube, pole reduced pin sheet material large extent.
4. hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity clearing, high degree of automation, reduce downtime
- Hydraulically adjustable discharge opening and overload protection crusher operation level has been greatly improved, and make maintenance easier, more convenient operation, less downtime; SMH series cone crusher iron release the bidirectional hydraulic cylinder can make iron through crushing chamber, the aircraft occurred in the case of iron and transient nausea vehicle, the hydraulic energy from the top, automatic nesting, greatly reducing the original spring cone crusher downtime required for artificial nesting troubles
5. oil lubrication, reliable advanced, improve life
- Unique design of thin oil lubrication system, greatly improving the service life of equipment. High-performance non-contact labyrinth seal wear and improve the reliability of the dust barrier, eliminating the common failure of the original spring cone crusher oil mixed with water and other fundamentally.
6. a variety of crushing cavity, flexible, adaptable
--SMH Cone crusher simply replace the fixed cone liner, moving cone liner, crushing cavity shape from standard extra coarse cavity to short head superfine cavity any change to adapt to a wide range of product size requirement.
7. maintenance is simple and easy to operate
- Cone Crusher and maintain all parts are removable from the top or side, the movable cone and fixed cone easy disassembly without dismantling the rack, fastening bolts, so routine replacement cone crusher liner is more convenient. The use of a hydraulic motor, crusher production efficiency best.
8. which provides a higher production capacity, the best product shape, and easy automatic control, with maximum reliability and flexibility to really create more value for users.

Technical Parameter:
Model Moveable Cone Diameter (mm) Cavity Type Feeder Opening Size(mm) Discharging Opening Size(mm) Main Shaft Speed
Overall Dimension
Shutting Size Opening Size
CS75B 900 Fine 83 102 9-22 580 75 45-91 15 2821×1880×2164
Coarse 159 175 13-38 59-163
CS110B 1200 Fine 127 131 9-31 485 110 63-188 20 2821×1974×2651
Medium 156 156 13-38 100-200
Coarse 178 191 19-51 141-308
CS160B 1295 Fine 109 137 13-31 485 160 109-181 27 2800×2342×2668
Medium 188 210 16-38 132-253
Coarse 216 241 19-51 172-349
CS220B 1650 Fine 188 209 16-38 485 220 181-327 55 3911×2870×3771
Medium 213 241 22-51 258-417
Coarse 241 268 25-64 299-635
CS315B 2134 Fine 253 278 19-38 435 315 381-726 110 4631×3251×4732
Medium 303 334 25-51 608-998
Coarse 334 369 31-64 789-1270